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Super Saturday Training

LIVE Training Saturday Mornings at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET


We have moved to a new webinar platform for 2018. Join us each week for our weekly Super Saturday Training Webinars in a New Location.

Join us in the Webinar Room Through Webinar Jam or on Facebook LIVE!

To register for webinars CLICK HERE

OR go to:

You may register for a one time webinar or register for a single webinar or ask to be subscribed for every Super Saturday.


Each week we offer our Getting Started Training and our Compensation Plan Training for you to share with Prospects and New Distributors. They can tune in Saturday Mornings or Sunday Afternoons.

Before You Get Started in Zija & New Distributor Training
Saturday Mornings at 10 am MT
Sunday Afternoons at 3 pm MT

Register Here:

Zija Detailed Compensation Plan Training
Saturday Mornings at 9 am MT
Sunday Afternoons at 4 pm MT

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NHR App & Sampling System Training
Saturday Mornings at 8 am MT
Sunday Afternoons at 2 pm MT


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Getting Started and Before You Get Started Training

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